The Prophet of God is in the world

Marshall Vian Summers is a Prophet of God. He is God’s Messenger for this time and the times to come. It has been 1300 years since the last Prophet, Muhammad. … Continue Reading →

God is All Relationships

God is All Relationships at Once

The experience of God directly is the experience of all relationships at once. – Secrets of Heaven, Secret 44 God’s current prophet, Marshall Vian Summers, has published a new book … Continue Reading →

Greater community

The Prophecy of the Greater Community

There is a New Messenger from God in the world today because we are entering the Greater Community of Worlds. We have always lived in the Greater Community, it is … Continue Reading →

Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers-2

The New God

The New God spoken of in The New Message from God is a really big God. It is not the God of one country, Religious organization, it is not the … Continue Reading →

God has found you

God has found you

We Have Been Found “Your True Self & Greater Purpose Let us know that we have been found wherever we may be, however cast adrift, however ensconced in our circumstances … Continue Reading →

The Tree of Life

Realities of the Messenger

“People want the Messenger to be many things, to meet their desires, their beliefs and their preferences. But the Messenger has been prepared by Greater Powers and sent from the … Continue Reading →


Can God Speak Again?

Is there a long lineage of Messengers and Prophets who have been sent to the world to serve the evolution of humanity? Some faiths say, “Yes”, God has sent more … Continue Reading →